Tech Tip: Trekking Pole Tip Replacement

This tech tip applies specifically to the Black Diamond Trail Shock trekking pole. Although, this would also apply to many of the trekking poles and whippets across the board. Trekking pole tips wear out eventually with the rugged abuse they receive. Eventually the threads for the powder baskets will strip …

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New ‘Events’ section added

A new events sections has been added to include training, parties, fundraisers, movie premieres, opening dates, and so on to get you …

Carabiner shown attached to Dynafit

Gear Mod: Dynafit Leash with Fuse

  A binding leash with breakaway fuse, making what should be a simple thing – complex. This is a gear modification several …


App Review: Ski Tracks

Ski Tracks is loaded with features, whether you use it inbounds, or the backcountry — it is the most downloaded ski application …


App Review: Avalanche Forecasts

Avalanche Forecasts is one of my favorites for checking up to date information. The location service pulls the closest avalanche forecasting center. …

4. Flip axe up on to pack

Gear Mod: Slinger Leash / Ice axe carry

It goes without saying precautions should be taken if you have an axe on a descent in avalanche terrain. The idea of being tumbled in a slide with three sharp points isn’t a recipe for an awesome day. Be sure to set up your ice axe carry in a way that conforms to your pack.


Tech Tip: Backcountry Repair / Tool Kit

A break down of the Repair / Tool Kit. After blowing up a binding, try post-holing chest deep several miles back to your car in the dark and you will know what I mean. The following is a is an overview of a backcountry repair kit that you can work off of to tailor to your specific needs.