From Friends of CAIC: 7 fatalities thus far this season. A avalanche cycle that was one of the largest in 30 years. Numerous accidents throughout Colorado. And an above average snowpack for most of Colorado. It has been a busy season.

The Colorado Avalanche Information Center’s Backcountry Avalanche Forecasting program is small but mighty. The CAIC operates on limited funding and they do incredible work with what they have. Colorado is a very big place and there are more and more people enjoying the State’s spectacular winter backcountry each year. We deserve the best avalanche center in the country. To achieve this goal we need everyone’s support. The State of Colorado is incredibly supportive and has increased the CAIC’s funding. But to really grow, we need you involved. This public-private partnership is the best way we can expand the CAIC’s backcountry forecast program and I am personally asking you to support avalanche forecasting and education throughout the State of Colorado.

The backcountry avalanche forecasting program has grown over the past 10 years but with only 6 forecasters operating in 10 zones we still have a long way to go to provide the service needed by the backcountry community.

The money raised during this campaign will help us improve the CAIC’s backcountry forecast program. More forecasting staff means more people that are part of a statewide avalanche safety effort. More forecasters will mean more local field data which in turn will create more accurate and timely avalanche forecasts for you, the backcountry user. The expanded resources also means more education opportunities in schools throughout Colorado as well as for community groups and businesses with avalanche safety concerns.

You want your forecast center, the CAIC, to be the best. Donate today and help us grow and give you the best center in the United States.

Let’s help CAIC achieve or surpass this goal! 

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