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Completed sheath with a shock cord bail easy to use in gloves.

Snow Saw Sheath – Kydex®

This is an update to an earlier post regarding snow study kit modifications – this one, deals specifically with the snow saw …

Scarpa Rush

AT Boot Preference Debacle

In relation to a previous article, I feel it is important to add a segue on AT boot choices. I have had …

Alpine Plate Bindings

Part 3 – Plate Bindings

<< PART 1   |   << PART 2  |    PART 3  From Snowboard to Splitboard s part of the transition to …

ski school

Part 1 – A Past On Edges

PART 1   |   PART 2 >>   |    PART 3 >>  From Snowboard to Splitboard wasn’t very far from the ground …