Product Review for Gear Manufacturers

Public Product Review – on Snowboard Mountaineer

The review is a written and posted with pictures on this site, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  It is a public review designed to promote the product to backcountry users and educate them on cool new gear out there.  The review is written once the gear has proven itself being put to the test.  It is only recommend publicly if it’s indeed a good backcountry product.

Website link to company
A website link directly to your company’s website is always included within the review so that backcountry users who are interested in the new product will know where to go to get it and learn more about it.

Confidential Reviews
If your company isn’t sure you want the product to go public yet, or aren’t sure it will hold up to backcountry uses, but would like to know how it reviews.  Request a Review be done privately, and I will review it under the same scrutiny to give you a full report, but will not make it public.

Expedited Reviews
If you have a deadline before product release or production and need feedback, I can do expedited reviews.  Let me know the timeline, and I will do my best to work with you and still give the product a good test in the Colorado backcountry.

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