Unwinter and out for a week

Unwinter and out for a week

I managed to crack a rib taking a bad digger on the apron of the Dragon Tail Couloir this past weekend. Luckily it is a ‘greenstick fracture’ and assuming I don’t do anything silly, I should be back out there very soon.

The snowpack is also concerning, or should should say lack thereof. The forecast models don’t show anything significant coming until at least January 25th. It’s been a very unwinter. Let’s sacrifice another virgin and do whatever we can for Ullr. Be safe out there!

Update 1.27.13: With the recent precip [snow] I am going back up on Tuesday 1.29 to have a look – the minor details are of course the rib.. My strategy is pretty simple: don’t fall. Two target areas are either a return the Dragontail, likely the apron. Or, if the weather balances right I make make the haul to Indian Peaks around Mt Toll. Either way, I will make an update here soon. Let’s hope this moisture continues!

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